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Are IV Vitamin Doses Really Necessary?

Are IV Vitamin Doses Really Necessary?

Are IV Vitamin Doses Really Necessary?

Many high-profile celebrities and doctors have recently widened the exposure of vitamin C IV infusions. As a result, people have begun to ask whether high dose intravenous vitamin C is actually helpful, or simply a fad. Many question the cost/benefit, and ask whether, if the same nutrients are available in ordinary nutritional tablet form, IV doses are even useful.

While vitamin infusion therapies might be used for Instagram visibility, they can be very beneficial to human health – for the following reasons:

  1. Prior to any vitamin being absorbed into the bloodstream, it must first be brought into association with the appropriate lipids. "Free" vitamins, the name given to vitamins not encapsulated in lipids, are what nutritional tablets consist of. And they are only minimally useful because absent these lipids, only a miniscule portion of the vitamin can efficiently be processed in this wy. IV infusions offset this by introducing immense doses straight into the blood.
  2. The human body don’t produce vitamin C. Unlike most mammals, the human body is unable to synthesize the most powerful antioxidant, vitamin C. As we age, we are also unable to produce Glutathione in sufficient levels. Glutathione is the most potent intracellular detoxifier.
  3. The USRDA of vitamin C is too low. Clinical studies indicate that this is true for healthy individuals, but even more so when the body is in a disease state, such as with the flu, cold, cancer, or when smoking tobacco or after heavy drug use. These individuals not only need to supplement vitamin C, they need to do so at far higher doses than the government has indicated.
IV nutrients have, until recently, been the only means of absorbing mega doses of these crucial nutrients. In the past months and few years, studies have shown liposomes (and IVtoGo liposomes specifically) to be an effective means of overcoming the low bioavailability and absorption rates of traditional oral dietary and nutritional tablets. With IVtoGo, the bioavailability of IV infusions has merged with the convenience of tablets.

    So, while IV infusions can be beneficial, intravenous infusion-equivalent therapies can now be taken anywhere. And moreover, IVtoGo offers a single product as a substitute for an entire IV cocktail. IV-level Vitamin C, Glutathione, and B vitamins are all included in a single, convenient, to-go formulation that can be consumed in a drink, at home or anywhere, at any time.

    Thank you for reading. To learn more, visit ivtogo.com.



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