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IVtoGo: The Oral Liposomal IV

IVtoGo: The Oral Liposomal IV

The IVtoGo philosophy is that several synergistic nutrients can be administered in strategic proportion to one another, and formulated in a single, convenient supplement. Akin to a portable IV, IVtoGo vitamins enter the body at once and at high doses.  Unilike IV, it can be consumed anywhere, anytime. This blog post provides a bit of scientific context on the product.

The science of IVtoGo is based on our proprietary liposomes. Generally speaking, liposomes are nano-sized bubbles enclosed by a lipid (healthy fat) bilayer. They were discovered in 1961 by Dr. Alec D Bangham in Cambridge, UK, who noted their research value, as they closely resemble human cells. More recently, clinical studies have shown liposomes (and IVtoGo liposomes specifically) to be an effective means of overcoming the low bioavailability and absorption rates of traditional oral dietary and nutritional tablets. 

IVtoGo's proprietary liposomes proceed from this basic concept. The Vitamin C, Glutathione, and six B Vitamins in IVtoGo are much better absorbed and more bioavailable than traditional tablets, but suffer none of the inconvenience and time investment of traditional IV treatments.

For those too sick to visit clinics, this has significantly improved access to high doses of these nutrients, and improved their ability to recover from chronic illness.

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