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Particular Differences

Particular Differences

IVtoGo is a novel oral alternative to traditional IV vitamin C therapy that has revolutionized self-administered vitamin C therapy. IVtoGo products have been credited with curing cancer, eliminating acute infections, and significantly improving the overall health and well-being of thousands of individuals. By delivering high doses of vitamin C and other complimentary IV cocktail ingredients in an easily consumable form, IVtoGo has made accessing the benefits of IV vitamin C therapy more convenient and accessible to a wider range of people.

IVtoGo delivers its IV-equivalent vitamins through the use of quality, highly-absorbed oral liposomes. So, in a world fraught with hundreds of options, what makes IVtoGo liposomes unique? This is an important question, and this blog post will address it.

Primer: Not All Liposomes are as Advertised:
In a landscape where "liposomal" powders and capsules are so common, and liposomes with ethanol, incorrect size, and impure/non GMP inputs virtually everywhere, IVtoGo liposomes are significantly different in several important ways. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how IVtoGo liposomes are distinguished from both emulsion-based "liposomal" products and liposomes with compromised characteristics, highlighting how and why IVtoGo is a scientifically superior product to common liposomes in terms of purity, structure, and efficacy.

1. Validated True Liposome Structure:
Unlike the vast majority of “liposomes,” the structure of IVtoGo liposomes has been validated at world renowned research institutes. This scientific validation ensures that IVtoGo's liposomes “are what they say they are.” This is crucial, because “liposomal” powders and pills are simply emulsions (lipids and vitamins mixed together). They don’t possess strong spherical structure, and don’t perform nearly as well. IVtoGo presents to the cell a genuine liposome that performs like a liposome should:  it protects the digestion from the irritation of high doses, insulates the vitamins themselves from premature breakdown, and delivers 100-fold more vitamins to the cellular machinery. Emulsions may provide some benefit over standard vitamins, but in uptake and absorption - the key measures of performance - emulsions are far inferior to true liposomes. Also, IVtoGo liposomes have not only been validated for structural integrity; they are also produced at the correct size. More about that below.

3. Liposomes Sized for Cancer
In the field of liposomes proper (ignoring emulsions for the moment) one of key advantages of IVtoGo liposomes lies in their consistent 92nm diameter. This specific size has been scientifically proven to enhance tumor extravasation, enabling liposomes to cross the blood vessel wall and reach tumor sites effectively. Thus, IVtoGo's liposomes, with their optimal diameter, possess the potential to precisely target and deliver therapeutic agents to tumors, maximizing the efficacy of cancer treatments. Most liposomal products (assuming again that they are, in fact, liposomes) are simply too large or too inconsistently sized to provide a solution for patients seeking advanced tumor-targeted therapies.

4. A Word on Pure Payloads
A better-constructed liposome penetrates the body more deeply, so if any toxins are present, there will be greater risk than normal for collateral damage in the form of hormone disruption, neurological damage, and organ/tissue degradation. Liposomes had better be pure.

No Ethanol: While ethanol is commonly used in liposomes for various purposes, it is important to consider potential downsides associated with its use. Some individuals may be sensitive or have adverse reactions to ethanol, such as digestive discomfort or allergic responses. Additionally, ethanol can have a drying effect on tissues and may contribute to the breakdown of certain vitamins and nutrients over time. Ethanol consumption has been associated with exacerbation of neurodegenerative and systemic inflammatory conditions. Furthermore, the presence of ethanol in supplements may raise concerns for those who prefer to avoid alcohol or have religious or personal reasons for abstaining. IVtoGo recognizes these potential downsides and has chosen to eliminate ethanol from their liposomes, prioritizing the purity and well-being of their customers, while maintaining extremely efficient absorption.

IVtoGo's commitment to purity is further exemplified through their adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. This certification ensures that IVtoGo maintains stringent quality control protocols throughout their manufacturing process, guaranteeing consistency and adherence to the highest industry standards. By investing in meticulous quality control, IVtoGo liposomes differentiate themselves from "liposomal" powders, capsules, and liposomes with compromised characteristics that lack the rigorous oversight and scientific integrity provided by GMP-certified production.

IVtoGo's unwavering commitment to scientific veracity sets them apart from both emulsion-based "liposomal" products and liposomes with compromised characteristics. By offering a product that surpasses the misrepresented powders and capsules, and liposomes containing ethanol, incorrect sizes, and impure/non GMP inputs, IVtoGo sets several important standards. This dedication to purity and structure ensures a superior product free from both misrepresentations and impurities. Validated as true liposomes, IVtoGo's liposomal supplements guarantee exceptional efficacy and targeted delivery. With their GMP certification and relentless focus on quality control, IVtoGo’s IV equivalent “to-go” therapies deliver a scientifically superior liposome. Transformative power, unyielding scientific principles, purity, structure, efficacy, and industry-leading standards. It should all go without saying. But it doesn't. So we say it.