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The Alternative Route

The Alternative Route

The Alternative Route

From the start, those seeking alternative health treatments have many hurdles to clear. There may be reluctance on the part of doctors to explore new therapies, access to information, and availability of treatment in one's name a few.

But, readers of this blog probably know that healing can happen just as effectively, and often more so, via alternative, natural methods that have minimal negative impact on the body. They also may realize that when the hurdles are cleared, knowledge is gained, and the correct therapy discovered, one can be rewarded with strong approaches that bypass years of illness and a likely early trip to the infirmary.

How does one find the correct therapy? The answer is fundamental. Call it independence, or self-actualization, or thinking for oneself. Whatever it is, it involves a willingness to see things one couldn't before. And this mentality is not only about medicine: it spills into one's whole world. We at Cascade Biological see it every day. People talk. People listen. People find out that total strangers - from different backgrounds and social groups - are often aligned with each other in important ways even more than family and friends. All on account of a willingness to break free of the ways things have always been done before.

Several of those involved with IVtoGo have navigated this maze, and as a result, decided to formulate an IV vitamin C equivalent that is a truly alternative therapy. Call it an alternative to the alternative. Drinkable at home, 24 hours a day, it offers IV-equivalent absorption without the complexities and contingencies of clinics. If your journey leads you to high-dose vitamin C, Glutathione, or B vitamins, your search for convenient options may be closer than you thought.

Here's to health. Here's to the journey. Here's to clearing hurdles.

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