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IVtoGo is produced by Cascade Biological, an Oregon, USA-based biotechnology company focused on improving access to high-dose, therpeutic supplements for those with unmet medical needs. The goal is to fuse experimentally verified, high quality vitamin treatments with the most powerful and convenient liposome delivery format, making complex treatment modalities both more convenient and cost-effective.

Cascade's organizational philosophy is founded on three ideals:

  1. Consumer/patient convenience, quality of life, and outcomes.
  2. Use of the purest ingredients and inputs available anywhere.
  3. Treatment of all with respect and dignity.

Cascade's head formulator, Aaron Beitler, holds degrees from the University of Puget Sound and Oregon State University. He is a member of the American Chemical Society Division of Polymer Chemistry and the American Nano Society.

Pipeline: In keeping with the newly released C-Max cancer product revision (March 2023), the product pipeline for 2023 will continue to reflect the need for therapeutic efficacy and treatment safety. Several formulation prototypes are in review stages. Check back for details.

For inquiries, please contact us here. Tank you for visiting!