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Which Product is Right for Me?

Which Product is Right for Me?

As a relates to intravenous vitamin C therapy, many people want to know what type of vitamin C therapy in general, and which formulation of IVtoGo is the better option for their case. This is a short exposition on the two products and the advantages of each, in the context of what you may be dealing with.

Firstly, the original IVtoGo therapy is a very versatile therapy closely modeled off of a 25 g IV vitamin C cocktail. Essentially, it is designed for everything except cancer. (For cancer, see "C-Max", below.) As with most quality 25 g IVs, it contains glutathione and several B vitamins in addition to the vitamin C for reasons of their synergy with vitamin C and their ability to help it work better. The IVtoGo therapy is extremely effective for detoxification, battling acute infections such as pneumonia coronavirus etc., and is an excellent immune system normalizer and strengthener. As liposomes of this type achieve excellent uptake into the lungs, it has shown outstanding anecdotal effect in upper respiratory infections. Therefore it’s a very versatile therapy - just as IV infusions at the 25 g level are. The IV therapy upon which IVtoGo is modeled is given in naturopathic clinics worldwide, due to this extreme versatility.

C-Max max therapy works quite differently to IVtoGo, in spite of the fact that it also contains high-dose vitamin C.  This difference hinges on vitamin K3. Vitamin K3, also known as menadione, works oxidatively. This is extremely important for cancer.  Typical IV vitamin C infusions given for cancer must contain 50 g of vitamin C or more precisely because the goal is to achieve oxidative effect.  (Vitamin C can act oxidatively through the formation of hydrogen peroxide, but only at extremely high doses.) One of the many advantages of C-Max is that a more modest, gentler dose of vitamin C can achieve oxidative therapy because of the presence of vitamin K3. The other additional compound in C-Max besides vitamin K3 is alpha lipoic acid.  Lipoic acid, together with vitamin K3, have been shown to greatly enhance vitamin C‘s cancer killing capabilities, and, as a very important secondary benefit, the three compounds make cancer cells far more visible to the immune system. In summary, C-Max is a cancer specific therapy that works very differently from IVtoGo.

Whatever your particular health challenge, there’s a strong likelihood that it can be effectively addressed, to at least a significant degree, by the inclusion of either IVtoGo or C-Max in your ongoing strategy. While they both contain vitamin C, it’s crucial to understand the differences between the two; but it’s quite simple: for all cancer types, C max is a bespoke therapy, highly potent, and unique in the oral supplement market. For most other health challenges IVtoGo is the preferred option, thanks to its antioxidant, detoxifying, and infection-attacking profile.

Thank you for stopping by IVtoGo. If you have any questions about your therapy needs, don't hesitate to let us know; we are here to help.

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