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Joe's Portable IV

IVtoGo is fortunate to help many people who see the value of high-dose vitamins that can be taken outside of a clinic.

One was Joe, a college athlete and honor-roll student, with seemingly endless energy.  "I was a very active person - sports and academics - I did everything right, health-wise."

But one day, he says, everything began to change.

"When I was twenty three, it became clear that something wasn't right.  I hadn't been feeling well. And it finally became serious one day when I was training - my heart started beating at about 250 beats a minute." 

An ambulance whisked Joe to the hospital, where doctors could find nothing clinically wrong.  "A cardiologist diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation, but he said I was completely healthy.  He basically told me to stop drinking coffee.  But I knew something wasn't right. This wasn't me."

With no answers, fifteen years of declining health followed.

"By my mid-thirties, I was so bad I began needing a cane to walk around. I lost the ability to speak or even think well, and I would walk into walls in my house and forget why I had gone into the kitchen.  That was around the time I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease."

Joe recounts that when his Lyme Disease treatment began, there was a heavy focus on IV treatments.

"I probably received about 225 IV infusions over 2-1/2 years. Many weeks, I had an IV Vitamin C five days a week.  Needless to say, it got to be too much - time-wise, the financial side, and the impact it had on my body."

For the time being, Joe saw no alternatives to traditional IV clinic treatments.

"Many of the IV therapies I had been taking were very commonly available vitamins: Vitamin C, Glutathione, B vitamins, etc.  They were very high megadose therapies, and they helped, but as far as I knew I could only get them in a clinic."

That's when Joe discovered IVtgoGo.  "I was really fortunate to discover IVtoGo. My friend introduced me to it.  And it was like, bingo!  It was just as good as IV Vitamin C - if not better - and it was portable, so I could take it at home or anywhere else."

"The best way to put it is that it is a lifeline.  It's portable, and so I wasn't constantly at the mercy of doctors and schedules, and on the days I felt too sick, I could just take it at home.  And in my opinion, it was more effective that IV Vitamin C  I just felt better."

For his part, Joe took back to his old active lifestyle.

What are you hoping to get back to?

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