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Purity First

Purity First

Have you ever stopped to ask where your vitamins come from? How pure they actually are?

This question is relevant to all vitamins, but especially to liposomes, which have a phenomenally high rate of absorption and, if impure, can do significant damage to bodily systems. For example, if liposomal vitamin inputs contain heavy metals, those metals will be deposited into the cells and mitochondria - the very parts of the body where chronic illness sufferers need the most help. (If the liposomal vitamins are true liposomes, are pure, and are of quality manufacture, the maximum benefit will be achieved.)

Case in point: over 90% of commercial vitamin C, including that delivered in IV clinics, comes from China. China supplement manufacture, ironically, takes place in areas that are among the most polluted in the world. What’s more, there are no rules requiring the country of origin be specified on retail supplements.

In fact, Chinese manufacturers have repeatedly been reprimanded by the FDA due to prevelence of heavy metal content in their vitamins sold on the American market. Therefore, consumers who are unaware of the origins of their vitamins stand a great chance of ingesting toxins that will actually degrade their health and well-being.

IVtoGo's Uncompromising Quality Standards:

The IVtoGo team's purity philosophy was borne out of unfortunate experience. While in the midst of intensive treatment for an illness, one of our team members was tested for heavy metals. The results were astounding. He had the highest amount of lead in his system of any patient tested over the 11-years of the clinic's existence. One supplement he had been taking, which was from China, was brought into an environmental lab for testing. It contained astronomical lead levels. Six months of chelation and detoxification protocols were required to reduce the lead levels to a point where he could return to work.

IVtoGo's vitamin therapies specifically designed to eliminate this risk. They are manufactured in the USA at cGMP certified facilities, which means the process and facilities are inspected by the FDA to ensure that sanitation, documentation, and batch records meet the highest standards.  As for ingredients, they are sourced from the European Union, America, and Japan, including the reputable Setria brand Glutathione.

All ingredients are then double tested for Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, and Arsenic - both before and after bottling. Additional tests ensure each batch is free of all pathogenic agents.

These measures far surpass what is necessary. But they that the highest quality ingredients go into our products, and rigorous pharmaceutical standards are maintained throughout the production process.

Free of Unwanted Additives:

IVtoGo and C-Max are formulated to be free of sugar, soy, solvents, and alcohol. Solvents such as ethanol are actually common practice in the liposome industry. We recognize the importance of avoiding these substances so as to maintain the integrity and purity of the delivery system, and maximize health outcomes for our customers.

Pharmaceutical Grade Glass Bottling:

Packaging is often an afterthought, but the truth is that pthalates and plasticizers can leech into supplements and disrupt crucial hormonal pathways in the body, and degrade the entire endocrine system. Thus, IVtoGo is bottled in clean pharmaceutical glass to prevent this. IV bags and drip lines, for their part, are invariably made of highly unstable plastics - a risk that is mitigated through the use of highly stable glassware.

Thorough Testing Procedures:

Unlike vitamins originating in countries such as China, IVtoGo products undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet cGMP standards, which provide an objective, measurable standard so that the consumer can be confident in the production and documentation standards of producers. Accordingly, as alluded to above, IVtoGo products are tested for the presence of lead, arsenic, cadmium, and all common pathogenic agents. Additionally, they are double-tested for vitamin identity, both before and after production of each run, to ensure the exact therapy advertised is the same therapy delivered with each dose.

No Ethanol in Liposome Formation:

IVtoGo leverages pure and natural liposome formation technology. They are structured purely in that they they don't require the use of ethanol in the formation process. This not only ensures a more stable and absorbable vitamin; it also eliminates a key toxicity concern from the product profile.

100% Non-GMO and Pleasing Taste:

Philosophically, IVtoGo believes human health is not achievable through genetic modification. Thus, all the ingredients used in IVtoGo and C-Max are 100% non-GMO. They also offer a pleasing taste, making it easy for individuals to incorporate them into their daily routines and therapy regimens.

In Sum:

Perhaps this blog post will convince the reader that investing in a health therapy must always also mean verifying that no harm will be done by the therapy itself - and that this is even more true in the case of liposomes. Regardless IVtoGo stands ready with products wherein purity will always come first, and with no exceptions.

For more information, email us at, or call (888) 462-4859.

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