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IVtoGo: Cause and Effect

IVtoGo: Cause and Effect

In a world full of chronic illness and toxicity, IV Vitamin C, Glutathione, and B Vitamins are a powerful treatment approach for wide array of conditions. Many of these conditions cannot be addressed by most mainstream medical treatments.

Given that IV vitamins are so helpful, many people are elated to discover that equivalent effects, i.e., absorption levels, can be achieved via IVtoGo’s convenient oral formulation. But what causes IVtoGo to be a viable alternative?
  1. Liposomes do the heavy lifting. Rather than injecting massive quantities of nutrients into the veins only to have them converted/reduced, and then mostly expelled out of the body, IVtoGo liposomes deliver the same nutrients straight into cells, intact, where they provide maximum benefit.
  2. IVtoGo provides IV doses of MULTIPLE IV vitamins at once. It is akin to a complete IV treatment. Doctors and IV nurses spend hours per day mixing IV drip treatments and waiting for the perfect timing to add appropriate B vitamins to common IVs. Because IVtoGo is so stable, all of these nutrients can be placed in one bottle and consumed at your leisure. IVtoGo has a shelf life of 18 months and can be taken anywhere.
  3. Properly proportioned: All IV Vitamins in IVtoGo are appropriately balanced in relation to one another to provide ideal, IV-equivalent doses.
In addition to these features, it is important to realize that IVtoGo insists on the purest ingredients and packaging available on today's supplement market. Thus, IVtoGo is bottled in glass and contains no plasticizers (which leech from IV bags and tubing), no Chinese ingredients, no GMOs, and the formulation is free of all common allergens.
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