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Why IVs Are Outdated

Why IVs Are Outdated

When comparing IVtoGo to IV drip treatments, it is important to understand that while conventional IV treatments have benefits, they do suffer from serious weaknesses:

  1. IV drip treatments can contain phthalates, hazardous plasticizers that can leech from IV bags, enter the body, and disrupt the body’s hormonal balance.
  2. IV vitamins are relatively poorly absorbed into important disease locations throughout the body. E.g., they have poor access to the lymph, brain, and tumors. This has relevance for Parkinson's, Lyme Disease, and cancer.
  3. IV infusions inherently involve some risk of infection due to needles entering the body.
  4. IV Vitamin C has been shown to be poorly assimilated. Clinical studies have shown that as little as 15% of IV Vitamin C is used by the body; 85% is excreted in the urine.
  5. IV appointments require hours of travel, scheduling, and administration.

IVtoGo is an excellent way to absorb high levels of the same nutrients while avoiding or eliminating these problems. It is drinkable in seconds, carries no risk of infection, contains no plasticizers, presents vitamins to many tissues IV vitamins cannot, and is highly absorbed. It also has a pleasant mango flavor and is totally portable.

In sum, it is a convenient alternative to IV Vitamin C, Glutathione, and B Vitamin treatment. Multi-supplement, IV-like infusions can be administered orally, anywhere and anytime.

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